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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Using util_ldap to retrieve attributes on a DC
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 20:04:05 GMT
I've been reviewing the archives looking for information on using 
util_ldap to retrieve attributes from an object out of an LDAP 
connection.  However, I haven't really seen any postings on it in there, 
and thought I'd try and propose the question to the list.

First, a little background.  I have a functional module for pushing 
pages through a template mechanism, parsing in menu's, etc.  I wrote it 
about three or four years ago.  Last spring, I added in a component to 
retrieve the location of where the template file is located with respect 
to the ServerName from a domain context in an LDAP source.  That works.

Here's the question, though.  Is there any way to use util_ldap to 
retrieve the attribute instead of relying completely on my own ldap 
functions?  I've looked through the util_ldap.c code, and don't really 
see any functions that would allow the retrieval of attributes from an 
object (non-user) in LDAP.  Plenty of util_ldap_getuserdn and 
util_ldap_checkuserid, but nothing for util_ldap_getdn or anything 
similar.  Is this even possible, or, should I implement all of the #if 
declarations for the proper SDK?


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