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From Steve Kemp <>
Subject Reading POST request without destroying it?
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 19:26:21 GMT

  I've been working on a module for filtering incoming requests for
 some time now.

  I can read the incoming request correctly for most cases, but I'm
 having a real problem with POST handling.

  My module successfully uses ap_setup_client_block + ap_get_client_block 
 to read in the payload - but once I've done this it is exhausted and
 no longer available to subsequent modules, such as mod_cgi.

  Is there a simple way for my module to read/process the incoming
 POST data, whilst still allowing the data to be passed on to
 mod_cgi, etc?

  (Coding against Apache 2.x, rather than 1.3, or 2.2 if that is


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