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From Stefan Eissing <>
Subject backend connections life times
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2021 15:45:44 GMT
It looks like we stumbled upon an issue in
which concerns the life times of our backend connections.

When a frontend connection causes a backend request and drops, our backend connection only
notifies the loss when it attempts to pass some data. In normal http response processing,
this is not an issue since response chunks are usually coming in quite frequently. Then the
proxied connection will fail to pass it to an aborted frontend connection and cleanup will

However, with such modern shenanigans such as Server Side Events (SSE), the request is supposed
to be long running and will produce body chunks quite infrequently, like every 30 seconds
or so. This leaves our proxy workers hanging in recv for quite a while and may lead to worker

We can say SSE is a bad idea anyway, but that will probably not stop people from doing such
crazy things.

What other mitigations do we have?
- pthread_kill() will interrupt the recv and probably make it fail
- we can use shorter socket timeouts on backend and check r->connection status in between
- ???

Whatever the means, I think it would be a Good Thing to abort backend connections earlier
than we do now.


- Stefan

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