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From Matthew Rushton <>
Subject mod_dbd issues
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2009 16:50:27 GMT
  I'm trying to use mod_dbd for a Linux module with a Postgres backend and am running into
a bunch of issues. It seems easy enough but all my queries are failing becasue I'm not getting
back a valid db handle either. Here's my httpd.conf:

LoadModule dbd_module modules/
DBDriver pgsql
DBDParams "hostaddr= dbname=******* user=******* connect_timeout=2"
DBDMin 5
DBDKeep 20
DBDMax 50
DBDExptime 120

and in my module code:

        //connect to database
        dbd = ap_dbd_acquire(r);
        //I get back a non-null dbd value
        PGconn *conn = apr_dbd_native_handle(dbd->driver,dbd); stuff...

When I connect with the native Postgres function things work just fine. I've tried this on
CentOS 5 and FC9 with the same behavior. On CentOS 5 I'm getting these errors as well when
trying to restart (this is not with my module even loaded, simply just by loading mod_dbd):

*** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/httpd: corrupted double-linked list: 0x08ecb7a8 ***
[Thu Jan 01 11:11:41 2009] [warn] child process 25480 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM

At a bit of a loss, with the exception of recompining apache with debug I'm not really sure
how to tackle the issue, perhaps it's a simple issue someone may know right away. Thanks.

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