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From "Brian W. Fitzpatrick" <>
Subject Re: Move apache-1.3 to Subversion
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 04:20:45 GMT

On Jun 6, 2004, at 10:42 PM, Geoffrey Young wrote:

>> FYI, Fitz did a conversion of apache-1.3, which is now located at
>>  (in the test repository).
> wow, that's a lot of data - 10 minutes later and I'm still 
> downloading...

Wait!  No! You don't want to check out ... you want to check out

By checking out, you're getting 
one copy of the httpd source tree for every branch and tag!  That's a 
LOT of data!

You may want to check out the Subversion book at (esp. Appendix A, Subversion for CVS 

> I guess it goes without saying that most of the people here are 
> intimate
> with svn.  as someone who just started playing with it about a month 
> ago,
> will there be httpd developer guidelines and hints someplace, or is the
> existing (copious) svn documentation about it?  for instance, I 
> imagine that
> for routine patching, etc I'll only need to have a working copy of 
> trunk?

You should never need to check out the root of the repository.  
Typically, you check out trunk and use 'svn switch' to change your 
working copy to a branch for branch work.  Oh, and branches and tags 
are typically created without a working copy by operating on URLs.


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