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From mahender bigdata <>
Subject Confused with Unicode character for "Record Separator". Is hive delimiter is Octal Representation.
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2016 22:39:36 GMT

We had plan of using Record Separator has delimiter for our Hive table. 
When we searched for Unicode character list, We found "Record Seperator" 
uses code "\*U001E*" has Unicode character. When we used "\U001E" in our 
Hive table script has delimiter. Has Query completed, we went to HDFS 
and try to open underlying internal table file location, we found data , 
here *CAN *is acting has delimiter instead of *"RS", *As per unicode 
character list CAN Unicode value is *\u0018.

* When we enter *\036 *has delimiter, it is showing correctly *RS *has 
delimiter has expected. Looks like Hive is taking octal representation 
rather than Hexadecimal representation. Can any one confirm me whether 
my understanding is correct. Is there way to mention Unicode character 
has delimiter.

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