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From Kevin Vasko <>
Subject Permanent UDF is only available for HiveCLI
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2016 16:43:44 GMT
I have a simple UDF that I added within the HiveCLI. "Create function MyFunction as 'com.mycompany.hive.simpleudf.myparser'
using jar 'hdfs://path/to/my.jar';" That works, when I leave the HiveCLI session and open
another session MyFunction persists. However, if I use any other tool for example ODBC, or
Hue the function does not exist (doesn't show in "Show function;"  for Hue or ODBC app). 
The function does show running "Show function;" in the HiveCLI. 

If I run the "Create function..." command in the ODBC or Hue context the function shows up
and persists. This seems to boil down to the fact that the Create function only makes the
function available for certain contexts? Is this intentional or is this a bug? If this is
intended, is there a way to force the create function command to make the function available
for all contexts?

In all cases I'm creating the function in the same database (default).

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