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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject [REPORT] HttpComponents PMC - October 2008
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 18:25:40 GMT
Status Report for the Apache HttpComponents project, October 2008

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Status report for the Apache HttpComponents project - 10/2008

-- Status --

We have reported just last month so there is not very much to say in  
months' report. In fact we are wondering why we have to report this  
shouldn't we fall back to the normal schedule after a missed report?

-- Releases --

We have had no release since the last report but there's another beta  
for HttpCore in the pipeline (we're currently voting on the candidates).

-- Community --

There were no arrivals or departures since the last report.

We're very happy to inform the Board that HttpClient was among the 60  
of InfoWorlds "Best of Open Source Software Awards 2008" (BOSSIE); it  
selected as one of the best open source development tools:


We're also happy to report that Erik Abele was interviewed by the
"Software Development Times" in regard to the projects current status  
its future plans - the PRC is aware of that and we'll update them as  
as we've seen the outcome.

There is also the regular activity on all fronts; overall the whole
community still looks and behaves very healthy.

-- Migration --

Items still in work:

     - finalize and approve project bylaws
     - re-instate deployment of website via Subversion
       (currently deployed by Maven due to TLP migration)

-- Development --

Development is progressing at its usual pace; there were quite a few  
in HttpCore so we are anticipating the next release (beta3) very soon.

We are also very happy to see that Sam Ruby was chosen to further  
pursue the
discussions around the NTLM licensing issues.

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I've also added the report to the agenda in parallel.


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