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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject [REPORT] HttpComponents PMC - June 2008
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:22:05 GMT
Status Report for the Apache HttpComponents project, June 2008  
[quarterly reporting schedule]

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-- Status --

There are no items needing immediate attention of the board except to
note that we've missed the last report. We're very sorry for that and
we'll ensure that this does not happen again.

See below for more details.

-- Releases --

We have had three releases since the last report:

   25 February 2008 - HttpComponents HttpClient 4.0 alpha 3
   07 May 2008 - HttpComponents HttpClient 4.0 alpha 4
   17 June 2008 - HttpComponents HttpCore 4.0 beta 2

-- Community --

Roland Weber has decided to go emeritus on the PMC (March 16 2008).

We have voted in a new committer, Sam Berlin, at the beginning of May;
by now he is fully equipped with karma and happily hacking away.

The amount of messages on the users mailinglist is steadily increasing,
and in general the whole community looks and behaves very healthy.

-- Migration --

Items still in work:

     - finalize and approve project bylaws
     - re-instate deployment of website via Subversion
       (currently deployed by Maven due to TLP migration)

-- Development --

HttpCore beta2 has been released.

The release adds a number of improvements to the NIO components, most
notably having improved asynchronous client side and server side  
handlers. There have also been a number of important bug fixes in the
HttpCore NIO module, whereas the HttpCore Base module has had very few
changes. The focus of the development efforts is now gradually shifting
towards providing better test coverage, documentation and performance

HttpClient alpha3 and alpha4 have been released.

The last release marks the completion of the overhaul of the connection
management code in HttpClient. All known shortcomings of the old  
3.x connection management API have been addressed. NTLM authentication
remains the only missing major feature in the new codeline that prevents
us from moving toward the API freeze.

General Notes.

The PMC was contacted by some Google folks in regard to their usage of
HttpClient in Android. We agreed to coordinate the timeframe for the API
freeze to enable them to incorporate the latest code without drawbacks.

As indicated above, the project is still waiting for an answer from  
MS in
regard to the licenses required for an implementation of NTLM. In the
meantime several alternative solutions have been explored, without any
conclusions as of yet.

As noted in the last report, the HttpComponents project is in compliance
with the crypto export and notification policy.

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Sorry for the May report which I missed - see private lists for an  


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