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From "Jimmy,Jing Lv" <firep...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: FYI: I'm dividing up some test cases
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2011 06:30:28 GMT
Hi Jesse,

       Yes in early Harmony development, we have an agreement that we will
follow RI's behavior to make Harmony compatible to serve more application as
possible - which includes exceptions etc (unless RI does break spec or is
not logical). So I believe there are many testcases checking such
       Jesse, I am not against this proposal, but I wonder if it will be a
large mount of work to split them all (unless we found an automatic
solution, e.g, searching the test source for try-catch).

2011/1/7 Jesse Wilson <jessewilson@google.com>

> Harmony folks,
> Here on Android, we've been running Harmony's test suite on our devices.
> The
> extensive test suite includes many large test methods that exercise many
> behaviors. For example, consider this test method from
> StringBuffer2Test.java:
>  public void test_insertI$CII() { // Test for method java.lang.StringBuffer
> // java.lang.StringBuffer.insert(int, char [], int, int) char[] c = new
> char[]{'n', 'o', 't', ' '}; testBuffer.insert(8, c, 0, 4);
> assertEquals("This is not a test buffer", testBuffer.toString());
> StringBuffer buf1 = new StringBuffer("abcd"); try { buf1.insert(-1,
> (char[])
> null, 0, 0); fail("Should throw StringIndexOutOfBoundsException"); } catch
> (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException e) { //expected } try {
> testBuffer.insert(testBuffer.length() - 1, c, -1, 1); } catch
> (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException e) { //expected } }
> This tests that the behavior of insert() is consistent with the spec. But
> it
> also tests which exception is thrown when multiple arguments are incorrect.
> That behavior is not specified, but Harmony tests it to ensure that
> implementation behaviors are consistent with those in the RI.
> I'd like to split this into two test methods. We Androids want to pass
> every
> test for behavior that's specified. But we're not as concerned with
> implementation details like exception priority. Splitting it into two tests
> makes it possible for us to manage the most important tests.
> For another example, InetAddressTest.test_getAllByNameLjava_lang_String()
> covers null handling, security managers, and IPv4 vs. IPv6 addresses. For
> this test I'd like to move the SecurityManager testing to a separate
> method.
> I'm planning on starting into this work beginning on Monday the 9th. If
> you'd rather I didn't, please let me know!
> Cheers,
> Jesse from Android


Best Regards!

Jimmy, Jing Lv

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