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dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-2046) A input split cannot be less than a dfs block Wed, 01 Sep, 04:44
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2049) JT and TT should prune invalid local dirs on startup Thu, 02 Sep, 04:55
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2050) TestMRCLI fails on trunk Thu, 02 Sep, 09:11
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1282) eclipse plugin cannot be compiled in in windows Thu, 02 Sep, 22:48
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2051) Contribute a fair scheduler preemption system test Thu, 02 Sep, 23:47
Patrick Angeles (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2052) Fix URL encoding of job history logfiles Fri, 03 Sep, 18:25
Greg Roelofs (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2024) 5th JobTracker constructor (for simulator) uses outdated configs, duplicates code Fri, 03 Sep, 19:33
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2050) TestMRCLI fails on trunk Mon, 06 Sep, 03:35
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2031) TestTaskLauncher and TestTaskTrackerLocalization fail with NPE in trunk. Mon, 06 Sep, 03:39
Vinay Kumar Thota (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2053) [Herriot] Test Gridmix file pool for different input file sizes based on pool minimum size. Mon, 06 Sep, 07:13
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1975) gridmix shows unnecessary InterruptedException Tue, 07 Sep, 03:48
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1649) Compressed files with TextInputFormat does not work with CombineFileInputFormat Tue, 07 Sep, 11:33
Thomas Sandholm (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2054) Hierarchical queue implementation broke dynamic queue addition in Dynamic Scheduler Wed, 08 Sep, 16:24
Krishna Ramachandran (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2055) Retired job info cache should contain more details than just JobStatus Thu, 09 Sep, 01:20
Ron Bodkin (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2056) run job options broken Thu, 09 Sep, 07:17
Matthew Byng-Maddick (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2057) Job Tracker appears to do host access-control (mapred.hosts, mapred.hosts.exclude) based on presented name from TaskTracker Thu, 09 Sep, 16:55
Dan Adkins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2058) FairScheduler:NullPointerException in web interface when JobTracker not initialized Thu, 09 Sep, 18:18
Dan Adkins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2059) RecoveryManager attempts to add jobtracker.info Thu, 09 Sep, 19:05
Dan Adkins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2060) IOException: Filesystem closed on submitJob Thu, 09 Sep, 20:51
Hemanth Yamijala Re: Launching Tasks From JobTracker Fri, 10 Sep, 13:16
Hong Tang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2061) child environment substitution is broken Sat, 11 Sep, 01:17
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2062) speculative execution is too aggressive under certain conditions Sat, 11 Sep, 01:21
Dick King (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2063) We need a benchmark to model system behavior in the face of tasks with time-variant performance Sun, 12 Sep, 17:52
Clarence Gardner (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2064) Tutorial should mention SetMapOutputKeyClass Sun, 12 Sep, 20:59
Clarence Gardner (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2065) Tutorial includes overly specified compilation command Sun, 12 Sep, 21:09
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2056) run job options broken Mon, 13 Sep, 03:47
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1979) "Output directory already exists" error in gridmix when gridmix.output.directory is not defined Mon, 13 Sep, 05:04
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1918) Add documentation to Rumen Mon, 13 Sep, 05:31
Vinay Kumar Thota (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2066) Gridmix v3 needs java doc improvements. Mon, 13 Sep, 09:28
Owen O'Malley Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 16:31
Todd Lipcon Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 17:05
Allen Wittenauer Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 17:30
Owen O'Malley Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 17:59
Todd Lipcon Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 18:10
Owen O'Malley Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 20:04
Ted Yu local job directory customization Mon, 13 Sep, 22:43
Todd Lipcon Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Mon, 13 Sep, 23:23
Owen O'Malley Re: hadoop.job.ugi backwards compatibility Tue, 14 Sep, 14:32
Clarence Gardner (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2065) Tutorial includes overly specified compilation command Tue, 14 Sep, 16:15
Aaron T. Myers (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2067) Distinct minicluster services (e.g. NN and JT) overwrite each other's service policies Tue, 14 Sep, 18:48
Greg Roelofs (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2068) TaskInProgress contains duplicate idWithinJob() / getIdWithinJob() accessors Tue, 14 Sep, 20:44
xu cheng how to debug hadoop Wed, 15 Sep, 03:02
Arun C Murthy Re: how to debug hadoop Wed, 15 Sep, 05:10
xu cheng Re: how to debug hadoop Wed, 15 Sep, 05:41
xu cheng Re: how to debug hadoop Wed, 15 Sep, 05:54
Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2069) Distcp setup is slow Wed, 15 Sep, 22:54
Paul Burkhardt (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2070) Cartesian product file split Wed, 15 Sep, 23:04
Christian Kunz (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2071) In Hadoop Pipes, reduce tasks with no shuffled data input can time out in the close method even when progress is sent Thu, 16 Sep, 01:09
Ted Yu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2072) Allow multiple instances of same local job to run simutaneously on the same machine Thu, 16 Sep, 04:17
Ted Yu Re: local job directory customization Thu, 16 Sep, 04:17
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2073) TestTrackerDistributedCacheManager should be up-front about requirements on build environment Thu, 16 Sep, 05:40
Koji Noguchi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2074) Task should fail when symlink creation fail Thu, 16 Sep, 21:45
Koji Noguchi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2075) Show why the job failed (e.g. Job ___ failed because task ____ failed 4 times) Thu, 16 Sep, 22:09
Koji Noguchi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2076) Showing inputsplit filename/offset inside the webui or tasklog Thu, 16 Sep, 22:15
Luke Lu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2077) Name clash in the deprecated o.a.h.util.MemoryCalculatorPlugin Thu, 16 Sep, 23:00
Koji Noguchi (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2075) Show why the job failed (e.g. Job ___ failed because task ____ failed 4 times) Fri, 17 Sep, 04:02
Vinay Kumar Thota (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2078) TraceBuilder unable to generate the traces while giving the job history path by globing. Fri, 17 Sep, 05:59
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1664) Job Acls affect Queue Acls Fri, 17 Sep, 07:38
radheshyam nanduri Re: Launching Tasks From JobTracker Fri, 17 Sep, 08:30
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1759) Exception message for unauthorized user doing killJob, killTask, setJobPriority needs to be improved Fri, 17 Sep, 09:26
Cosmin Catanoaie (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2079) PipesMapRunner does not use map output classes Sun, 19 Sep, 18:43
Ted Yu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2080) Reducer JVM process hangs Sun, 19 Sep, 21:32
Ted Yu heap dump on GC overhead limit exceeded error Mon, 20 Sep, 01:27
Saikat Kanjilal (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2008) write Junit test cases that run the Hadoop examples Mon, 20 Sep, 03:31
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-2008) write Junit test cases that run the Hadoop examples Mon, 20 Sep, 04:08
Vinay Kumar Thota (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2081) [GridMix3] Implement functionality for get the list of job traces which has different intervals. Mon, 20 Sep, 10:43
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1299) Hudson uses an old version of eclipse to test patches Tue, 21 Sep, 00:43
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1262) Eclipse Plugin does not build for Hadoop 0.20.1 Tue, 21 Sep, 00:43
Jitendra Nath Pandey (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2082) Race condition in writing the jobtoken password file when launching pipes jobs Tue, 21 Sep, 02:46
Faraz Ahmad (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2083) Run partial reduce instead of combiner at reduce node Tue, 21 Sep, 22:31
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2078) TraceBuilder unable to generate the traces while giving the job history path by globing. Wed, 22 Sep, 05:59
Saikat Kanjilal FW: [jira] Updated: (MAPREDUCE-2008) write Junit test cases that run the Hadoop examples Wed, 22 Sep, 15:39
Tom White (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2084) Deprecated org.apache.hadoop.util package in MapReduce produces deprecations in Common classes in Eclipse Wed, 22 Sep, 16:10
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2085) job submissions to a tracker using a different default filesystem than the jobclient fails Wed, 22 Sep, 22:26
Konstantin Shvachko (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2086) CHANGES.txt does not reflect the release of version 0.21.0. Thu, 23 Sep, 19:18
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2087) Reuse 'subcountersArray' in Counters#Group.makeEscapedCompactString() Fri, 24 Sep, 05:46
Age Mooij (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2088) TaskGraphServlet throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when progress % > 100% Fri, 24 Sep, 12:43
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2089) JobToken should be passed over RPC Fri, 24 Sep, 18:29
Stephen Watt (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2091) Map/Reduce Build Failing due to missing Smoke Tests Fri, 24 Sep, 19:50
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2092) Trunk can't be compiled Fri, 24 Sep, 21:47
Tom White (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2092) Trunk can't be compiled Sat, 25 Sep, 02:58
Viraj Bhat Announcement: CCGrid 2011: Call for Papers Sun, 26 Sep, 22:24
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1984) herriot TestCluster fails because exclusion is not there Mon, 27 Sep, 04:30
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-44) Hang JobTracker, running out of memory Mon, 27 Sep, 05:05
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1989) Gridmix3 doesn't emit out proper mesage when user resolver is set and no user list is given Mon, 27 Sep, 07:17
Ted Yu JMock Mon, 27 Sep, 22:02
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1517) streaming should support running on background Tue, 28 Sep, 08:21
Niels Basjes (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2094) org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.FileInputFormat: isSplitable implements unsafe default behaviour that is different from the documented behaviour. Tue, 28 Sep, 09:41
Vinay Kumar Thota (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2095) Gridmix unable to run for compressed traces(.gz format). Tue, 28 Sep, 11:06
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2096) Secure local filesystem IO from symlink vulnerabilities Tue, 28 Sep, 19:48
vaibhav negi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2097) java.lang.NullPointerException in reduce task Wed, 29 Sep, 14:55
Ted Yu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2098) Extra url encoding makes jobdetailshistory.jsp report FileNotFoundException Wed, 29 Sep, 20:03
dhruba borthakur (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-2029) DistributedRaidFileSystem not removed from cache on close() Thu, 30 Sep, 13:09
Ramkumar Vadali (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2099) RaidNode should recreate outdated parity HARs Thu, 30 Sep, 21:19
Joydeep Sen Sarma (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-2100) log split information for map task Thu, 30 Sep, 23:21
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