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Owen O'Malley (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1252) Shuffle deadlocks on wrong number of maps Tue, 01 Dec, 01:07
Anirban Dasgupta (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1253) Making Mumak work with Capacity-Scheduler Tue, 01 Dec, 01:21
ZhuGuanyin (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1254) job.xml should add crc check in tasktracker and sub jvm. Tue, 01 Dec, 03:07
tom Re: [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1254) job.xml should add crc check in tasktracker and sub jvm. Tue, 01 Dec, 03:11
Kunal Gupta (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1255) How to write a custom input format and record reader to read multiple lines of text from files Tue, 01 Dec, 06:07
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1255) How to write a custom input format and record reader to read multiple lines of text from files Tue, 01 Dec, 06:11
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1256) org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TestFairScheduler.testPoolAssignment (from TestFairScheduler) is failing in trunk Tue, 01 Dec, 06:26
Sriranjan Manjunath (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1257) Ability to grab the number of spills Tue, 01 Dec, 09:35
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1256) org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TestFairScheduler.testPoolAssignment (from TestFairScheduler) is failing in trunk Wed, 02 Dec, 05:15
Matei Zaharia (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1258) Fair scheduler event log not logging job info Wed, 02 Dec, 06:02
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1190) Add package.html to pi and pi.math packages. Wed, 02 Dec, 06:30
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1259) Add SureLogic annotations' jar into Ivy and Eclipse configs Wed, 02 Dec, 18:49
Edwin Chan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1260) Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy configuration Wed, 02 Dec, 20:02
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1260) Update Eclipse configuration to match changes to Ivy configuration Thu, 03 Dec, 02:41
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1101) Rename core jar to common jar Thu, 03 Dec, 04:44
Arun C Murthy (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1261) Enhance mumak to implement a 'stress-test' for the JobTracker Thu, 03 Dec, 06:40
Eli Collins (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1263) Hudson doesn't run MapredTestDriver Thu, 03 Dec, 19:29
Thibaut (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1264) Error Recovery failed, task will continue but run forever as new data only comes in very very slowly Thu, 03 Dec, 22:28
Scott Chen (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1265) Include jobId and hostname in the task attempt error log Fri, 04 Dec, 00:12
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1234) getJobID() returns null on org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job after job was submitted Fri, 04 Dec, 08:47
Owen O'Malley (JIRA) [jira] Reopened: (MAPREDUCE-1244) eclipse-plugin fails with missing dependencies Fri, 04 Dec, 21:49
Owen O'Malley (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1244) eclipse-plugin fails with missing dependencies Fri, 04 Dec, 21:49
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1266) Allow heartbeat interval smaller than 3 seconds for tiny clusters Fri, 04 Dec, 22:33
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1267) Fix typo in mapred-default.xml Fri, 04 Dec, 23:13
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1268) Update streaming tests to JUnit 4 style Fri, 04 Dec, 23:17
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-576) writing to status reporter before consuming standard input causes task failure. Sat, 05 Dec, 00:09
YangLai (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1269) Failed on write sequence files in mapper. Sat, 05 Dec, 13:07
Wang Shouyan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1270) Hadoop C++ Extention Mon, 07 Dec, 08:10
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1271) mapred.TestJobHistory.testDoneFolderOnHDFS is failing Tue, 08 Dec, 05:38
V.V.Chaitanya Krishna (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1082) Command line UI for queues' information is broken with hierarchical queues. Tue, 08 Dec, 05:46
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1272) _temporary directories could be left in output directory sometimes Tue, 08 Dec, 07:34
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1273) TaskTracker.shutdown() spends lot of time in shutting down jetty Tue, 08 Dec, 08:45
Owen O'Malley (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1274) The completed job web ui urls include full path names to the local file system on the JobTracker. Tue, 08 Dec, 17:57
Jothi Padmanabhan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1275) Several Hudson build tests are failing with NoClassDefFoundError, unrelated to the patches being tested Wed, 09 Dec, 08:17
Jothi Padmanabhan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1276) Shuffle connection logic needs correction Wed, 09 Dec, 09:46
ZhuGuanyin (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1277) Streaming job should support other characterset in user's stderr log, not only utf8 Wed, 09 Dec, 10:28
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1278) Test-suite for JobQueueClient isn't comprehensive Wed, 09 Dec, 10:38
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1279) "mapred queue -list" will unnecessarily download JobStatus information also Wed, 09 Dec, 10:44
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1281) Project Split Issue : Eclipse-Plugin under the Common Project in JIRA but the code is under the MapReduce project Wed, 09 Dec, 11:16
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1284) TestLocalizationWithLinuxTaskController fails Wed, 09 Dec, 11:52
Peter Romianowski (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1285) DistCp cannot handle -delete if destination is local filesystem Wed, 09 Dec, 18:52
Yuri Pradkin (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1286) Quotes in environment HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS confuse parsing if this env is concatenated with something else Wed, 09 Dec, 18:52
Ed Mazur (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1287) HashPartitioner calls hashCode() when there is only 1 reducer Wed, 09 Dec, 20:57
Giridharan Kesavan Re: Post-5107 cross-project commits Thu, 10 Dec, 04:56
Eli Collins Re: Post-5107 cross-project commits Thu, 10 Dec, 05:09
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1288) DistributedCache localizes only once per cache URI Thu, 10 Dec, 22:32
Ravi Gummadi (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1289) TrackerDistributedCacheManagerWithLinuxTaskController fails Fri, 11 Dec, 07:29
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1080) Properties max.map.slots and max.reduce.slots should be hyphenated. Fri, 11 Dec, 09:23
Joe Crobak (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1290) DBOutputFormat does not support rewriteBatchedStatements when using MySQL jdbc drivers Sat, 12 Dec, 19:51
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1291) JobTracker fails to remove setup tip mapping from taskidToTIPMap if the job gets killed before the setup returns Mon, 14 Dec, 09:00
rahul k singh (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1292) many testcases are failing in trunk with org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RPC.waitForProxy error. Mon, 14 Dec, 11:45
Mark Vigeant WordCount sort by frequency? Mon, 14 Dec, 19:53
Andrew Hitchcock (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1293) AutoInputFormat doesn't work with non-default FileSystems Mon, 14 Dec, 22:35
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1294) Build fails to pull latest hadoop-core-* artifacts Mon, 14 Dec, 23:46
Dick King (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1295) We need a job trace manipulator to build gridmix runs. Tue, 15 Dec, 00:48
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1296) Tasks fail after the first disk (/grid/0/) of all TTs reaches 100%, even though other disks still have space. Tue, 15 Dec, 10:13
Giridharan Kesavan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1297) MiniMRCluster.java compilation failure Tue, 15 Dec, 16:20
Zheng Shao mapreduce trunk is broken Tue, 15 Dec, 19:24
Tom White Re: mapreduce trunk is broken Tue, 15 Dec, 19:37
Meng Mao (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1298) better access/organization of userlogs Wed, 16 Dec, 01:24
Erez Katz mapred tmp work dir, streaming Wed, 16 Dec, 01:28
Erez Katz Re: mapred tmp work dir, streaming Wed, 16 Dec, 02:35
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1299) Hudson uses an old version of eclipse to test patches Wed, 16 Dec, 05:04
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1300) Hudson should be able to run Test*LinuxTaskController tests also. Wed, 16 Dec, 05:40
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1301) TestDebugScriptWithLinuxTaskController fails Wed, 16 Dec, 07:00
Zheng Shao (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1302) TrackerDistributedCacheManager can delete file asynchronously Wed, 16 Dec, 07:38
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1141) Localization of a task's distributed-cache files gets blocked by deletion of old unrelated files when mapreduce.tasktracker.cache.local.size is hit. Wed, 16 Dec, 08:16
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-1289) TestTrackerDistributedCacheManagerWithLinuxTaskController fails Wed, 16 Dec, 10:33
Zheng Shao (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1303) Merge org.apache.hadoop.mapred.CleanupQueue with MRAsyncDiskService Wed, 16 Dec, 18:40
Todd Lipcon (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1304) Add counters for task time spent in GC Wed, 16 Dec, 21:44
Peter Romianowski (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1305) Massive performance problem with DistCp and -delete Wed, 16 Dec, 22:34
Tamas Sarlos (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1306) [MUMAK] Randomize the arrival of heartbeat responses Wed, 16 Dec, 23:39
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1307) Introduce the concept of Job Permissions Thu, 17 Dec, 05:54
Brian Karlak (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1308) reduce tasks stall and are eventually killed Thu, 17 Dec, 06:12
Dick King (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1309) I want to change the rumen job trace generator to use a more modular internal structure, to allow for more input log formats Thu, 17 Dec, 23:26
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1310) CREATE TABLE statements for Hive do not correctly specify delimiters Fri, 18 Dec, 01:34
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1311) TestStreamingExitStatus fails on hudson patch builds Fri, 18 Dec, 04:26
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1312) TestStreamingKeyValue fails on hudson patch builds Fri, 18 Dec, 04:32
Aaron Kimball (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1313) NPE in FieldFormatter if escape character is set and field is null Fri, 18 Dec, 04:36
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1314) Some logs have wrong configuration names. Fri, 18 Dec, 08:19
Ramya R (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1315) taskdetails.jsp and jobfailures.jsp should have consistent convention for machine names in case of lost task tracker Fri, 18 Dec, 09:01
Amar Kamat (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1316) JobTracker holds stale references to retired jobs via speculated tips Fri, 18 Dec, 09:56
Hong Tang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1317) Reducing memory consumption of rumen objects Fri, 18 Dec, 11:30
Owen O'Malley Security design document Fri, 18 Dec, 22:17
Jason Venner Re: WordCount sort by frequency? Sat, 19 Dec, 20:43
Erez Katz Re: WordCount sort by frequency? Sat, 19 Dec, 23:36
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Resolved: (MAPREDUCE-181) Secure job submission Mon, 21 Dec, 17:40
Devaraj Das (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1319) Refactor ClientProtocol.getSystemDir usage on the job client side to instead use ClientProtocol.getStagingAreaDir Mon, 21 Dec, 17:52
Kay Kay (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1320) StringBuffer -> StringBuilder occurence Tue, 22 Dec, 00:24
Kay Kay StringBuffer -> StringBuilder - MAPREDUCE-1320 Tue, 22 Dec, 00:58
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1321) Spurios logs with org.apache.hadoop.util.DiskChecker$DiskErrorException in TaskTracker Tue, 22 Dec, 05:14
Amareshwari Sriramadasu (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1322) TestStreamingAsDifferentUser fails on trunk Tue, 22 Dec, 05:48
Iyappan Srinivasan (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1323) TestMiniMRWithDFS.testWithDFS (from TestMiniMRWithDFS) is failing Tue, 22 Dec, 08:50
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1324) Make MapTask.MapOutputBuffer a standalone class Tue, 22 Dec, 09:26
Vinod K V (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1325) Fix IsolationRunner to run with reduces too Tue, 22 Dec, 10:24
Konstantin Boudnik (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1326) fi tests don't use fi-site.xml Tue, 22 Dec, 17:16
Leonid Furman (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1327) Oracle database import via sqoop fails when a table contains the column types such as TIMESTAMP(6) WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE and TIMESTAMP(6) WITH TIME ZONE Tue, 22 Dec, 22:32
Kay Kay (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1328) contrib/index - modify build / ivy files as appropriate Tue, 22 Dec, 23:45
Chris Douglas (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1329) Make MapTask.MapOutputBuffer logic more understandable Wed, 23 Dec, 01:13
Hong Tang (JIRA) [jira] Created: (MAPREDUCE-1330) [rumen] LoggedXXX objects should either be completely mutable or immutable Wed, 23 Dec, 10:01
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