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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject GMavenPlus 1.6 Released
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2017 04:06:43 GMT
GMavenPlus 1.6 has been released to Sonatype OSS
<> and should appear in
Maven Central <> shortly.  Besides the usual minor
tweaks, this release
<> includes

[38 <>] - Compilation doesn't
allow indy back far enough (thanks for pointing this out Pascal Schumacher!)

[36 <>] - Allow script files
to be executed as filenames as well as URLs (see Significant changes of
note for an example)

[41 <>] - Verify Groovy
version supports target bytecode (See Potentially breaking changes for a

[46 <>] - Remove
scriptExtensions config option

[58 <>] - IntelliJ improperly
adding stub directories to sources

[61 <>] - You can now skip
Groovydoc generation with new skipGroovyDoc property (Thanks rvenutolo

[45 <>] - GROOVY-7423 (JEP 118
<>) Support (requires Groovy 2.5.0-alpha-1
or newer and enabled with new parameters boolean property)

*Potentially breaking changes*

Issues 46 will break your build if you are using <scriptExtensions>.  But
the fix is simple, just the delete the configuration option and GMavenPlus
will automatically do the right thing.

Issue 41 will break your build if you were passing an invalid target
bytecode.  GMavenPlus will no longer allow Groovy to silently default to
1.4 or 1.5.  It will verify that the bytecode is supported by your Groovy
version (that is, the option exists in
and fail if it isn't.

Issue 58 will require renaming goals testGenerateStubs to generateTestStubs
and testCompile to compileTests.  IntelliJ has hard-coded the goal names in
their plugin, and these names will make IntelliJ work with both GMaven and

In order to support using the latest Maven plugins (and to make GMavenPlus
easier to maintain), GMavenPlus now requires Java 6 or newer and Maven
3.0.1 or newer (previously was Java 5 or newer and Maven 2.2.1 or newer).

*Significant changes of note*

You can now use this syntax for executing scripts


in addition to the original style of


*Getting help / reporting bugs*

As usual, let me know of any bugs you encounter either on our user mailing
list (, Github issues (, or Slack (



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