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From Sean Gilligan <>
Subject Re: Groovy AOT compilation
Date Tue, 09 May 2017 07:09:33 GMT
This behavior is similar to what Cedric and I saw when playing with RoboVM:

I like the approach that Mike Hearn proposed for Kotlin in this blog entry:

This is not the path that JetBrains chose, but Mike is privately working
on it (with a Kotlin focus, obviously). I wonder of such an approach
might work for Groovy (with the appropriate Groovy compiler support, of

-- Sean

On 5/8/17 8:02 AM, Paolo Di Tommaso wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I just want to share with you my experience with the Java AOT compiler
> <>
> a came across a few days ago. 
> Although they said clearly that it still an experimental project and
> it does not support dynamic class loading and most of reflection, I
> turns out it's possible to compile a basic static Groovy class, eg: 
> @groovy.transform.CompileStatic 
> class Hello {
>   static void main( String... args ) {
>     System.out.println "Hello world!"
>   }
> }
> This mean that it creates a native 5MB binary executable, that can run
> on any machine without the need of the Java VM nor the Groovy runtime!
> in 12 millisecond! cool!! 
> Unfortunately the good news stops here. I was unable to successfully
> compile any other piece of code, which for example uses a Groovy
> "println" method or just instantiate a class. The problem seems to be
> that, even though the code is statically compiled, Groovy uses
> reflection behind the scene to instantiate classes and performs other
> operations. 
> Now, I guess this is certainly not a Groovy top priority, however
> since there is an on-going discussion around a major Groovy
> reengineering to make it compatible with the upcoming Java 9 module
> system, I was wondering if it would not make sense to include the
> support for the Java AOT compiler as a goal for a future Groovy 3/4
> release? 
> Personally I think it would be an extremely useful feature and a major
> achievement for the project. 
> What do you think ?  
> Cheers,
> Paolo

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