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From Remi Forax <>
Subject Re: module information creation for Groovy 3
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2018 06:58:20 GMT
moditech provides two different things,
- if you are an application, you can add the module-info to your dependencies, from the POV
of the VM, it means all your code will be modular so you can use jlink to create a minimal
docker file
- you can add module-info to your own jar

The first case is fully valid, i do the same thing but fully automatically (doing a static
analysis) with pro [1], it's great but only works if you are the final application, not a
the second case adds maintenance burden because the module-info doesn't get updated when you
change the code source or the pom.xml, so you can have the pom and the module-info disagreeing
on the dependency, a package you have just added being exported by default exported (instead
of been non-exported by default), a service being declared in the META-INF but not in the
module-info etc.

So it means that you have to test your produced jars twice, with the classpath and with the
module-path to catch the regressions you may have introduced by not updating the moditech
plugin configuration to the changes done in the source code. Without modifying the test to
run twice, you will get nasty surprises :(



----- Mail original -----
> De: "Jochen Theodorou" <>
> À: "dev" <>
> Envoyé: Jeudi 14 Juin 2018 23:50:05
> Objet: module information creation for Groovy 3

> Hi all,
> I just found, there is no gradle
> plugin yet, though it seems there will be soon one. We could use this to
> produce our module information without requiring JDK9 for the build. I
> think we should investigate the usage of this.
> bye Jochen

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