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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: Geronimo 3 and karaf 3
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2012 06:17:03 GMT
Hi Uli,

Thanks for the update, I'm gonna take a look also.


On 02/03/2012 11:46 PM, uromahn wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> I updated all my local sources and was able to actually build G3.
> Unfortunately, the "fix" posted by JB may not have resolved all the issues.
> When I extract the jetty-jee6-web assembly and start the server using
> 'bin/karaf start' the server hangs somewhere very early in the bootstrap.
> There is absolutely no message on the console and the log file shows about
> 10 entries or so but no error message or any other clue.
> Trying to do the same with the tomcat-jee6-web assembly I was at least able
> to see the command prompt but then I saw the exact same error message than
> reported before with the missing bundle.
> I have actually downloaded some sources and made some local changes to some
> pom files to see if I get anywhere further and will report back.
> On another note: I think I found another potential issue...
> Karaf 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT is referencing pax-web-1.1.2-SNAPSHOT which internally
> references Jetty7. However, G3 bundles Jetty8. This could most likely lead
> to a version conflict and may explain why I am not able to even start G3
> with the jetty assembly. I got the latest pax-web and noticed that it is
> currently at 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. I then went ahead and updated the pom.xml of
> Karaf 3 to include pax-web-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT and see if that will get me
> anywhere.
> I will also keep you updated on this one.
> -Uli
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