Hi Paul:
    I have reviewed hadoop & Flink code.
    Flink setKeepContainersAcrossApplicationAttempts to true if you set flink config high-availability to true
    If you set yarn.resourcemanager.work-preserving-recovery.enabled false, AM(JobManager) will be killed by ResouceManager and start anthoer AM when failover.
    Flink setKeepContainersAcrossApplicationAttempts to true cause am start from previous attempt. 
    But current ResourceManager is new active, application is not set AppAttempt. 
    So you will see NPE exception.
    I think hadoop comunnity should resolve this issue.

发件人: Paul Lam
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主题: Re: What if not to keep containers across attempts in HA setup?(Internet mail)
Hi Devin,

Thanks for the pointer and it works!

But I have no permission to change the YARN conf in production environment by myself and it would need an detailed 
investigation of the Hadoop team to apply the new conf, so I’m still interested in the difference between keeping and 
not keeping containers across application attempts.

Paul Lam

在 2018年11月13日,17:27,devinduan(段丁瑞) <devinduan@tencent.com> 写道:

Hi Paul,
    Could you check out your YARN property  "yarn.resourcemanager.work-preserving-recovery.enabled"?
    if value is false, set true and try it again.
发件人: Paul Lam
发送时间: 2018-11-13 12:55
收件人: Flink ML
主题: What if not to keep containers across attempts in HA setup?(Internet mail)

Recently I found a bug on our YARN cluster that crashes the standby RM during a RM failover, and 
the bug is triggered by the keeping containers across attempts behavior of applications (see [1], a related 
issue but the patch is not exactly the fix, because the problem is not on recovery, but the attempt after 
the recovery).

Since YARN is a fundamental component and a maintenance of it would affect a lot users, as a last resort
I wonder if we could modify YarnClusterDescriptor and not to keep containers across attempts. 

IMHO, Flink application’s state is not dependent on YARN, so there is no state that must be recovered 
from the previous application attempt. In case of a application master failure, the taskmanagers can be 
shutdown and the cost is longer recovery time.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!

Paul Lam