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From "Justin M. Hill" <Jus...@Prominic.NET>
Subject [JOB] Moonshine-IDE.com is hiring contractors to bring Apache Royale to version 1.0
Date Sat, 04 May 2019 07:14:15 GMT

Hi everyone,

Unless I missed it, we got absolutely no bids by the original Friday May 3

I am disappointed, since I get the impression there are several of you on
here who could make meaningful documentation impact with probably 5 hours
of your time.   Half of a Saturday or Sunday should be worth some $ and the
knowledge of knowing you are helping bring Royale 1.0 into existence.
Please, consider submitting a proposal even though the deadline is past.

Please submit a proposal, which will make it worth your while
professionally to dig in for a few hours.  The community with thank you
immensely, and you will get paid!

I have posted the job to UpWork:


Please spread the word again.

Justin Hill

Subject: [JOB] Moonshine-IDE.com hiring contractors to bring Apache Royale
to version 1.0

    Royale helps modernize Flex applications AND provides a great way
    to revitalize the next generation Flex ecosystem as a viable
alternative to
    Javascript solutions such as React, Angular, and Vue.

    Get paid to help bring Apache Royale to version 1.0!

    Prominic is the company developing the Moonshine IDE for Flex and
    Prominic is willing to pay developers to help bring Royale to market as
1.0.  To apply:

    1) join the dev@royale.apache.org mailing list

    2) review the recent discussions on what needs to be fixed on Nabble:

    3) Submit to the dev@royale.apache.org mailing list your bid for
    to the group by Friday May 3

    The Moonshine-IDE.com team is willing to donate $2,500 USD in total
    the next 30 days to anyone who can accomplish agreed upon tasks
    to help Royale release a 1.0 version.

    IF you who are willing to step up to the plate immediately (with a
    deliverable no later than May 26, 2019) to help with:

    * documentation (ASDoc style)

    * examples (code snippets that do things like Tour de Royale)

    * tutorials (well written, friendly, understandable, educational

    * a mini reproduction of the aforementioned Flex In a Week Series


    * build automation

    * automated test cases

    * creation of a summary comparison table showing Royale relative to
    Vue, Angular

    * a longer write up of competitive articles detailed why Royale is
    important.  BTW, one reason it can be important is because it is NOT
    controlled by giant companies.

    * a directory of consultants for hire:

    * OR anything else you would want to see in a 1.0 version of Royale


    Please submit to this public group your commitment and cost.

    We will then do this democratically:
    deadline for bid submissions is 7 days from now -- Friday May 3.  Folks
on this mailing list should offer their thoughts and opinions on the bids.
    Carlos (or someone who knows Twitter enough to create another poll)
will then do another Twitter vote poll for 3 days to see what folks think
    the various proposals.  Prominic alone will decide which bids it will
pay for taking into consideration the discussion threads.

    Ideally multiple people will commit to doing something "small" for $500
    each and Prominic can award 5 people the projects.

    The $2,500 USD total will be paid via PayPal.  No exceptions.

    Please note that the work you do may not be accepted into the project
repos.  If your work is not accepted, Prominic will work with you and the
project on next steps.  Your work may end up on the Moonshine-IDE site or
other places.  Prominic cannot dictate production deadlines for an Apache
project so If the 30 day and 60 day deadlines are not met, Prominic
reserves the right to change the offer or its deadlines.  Prominic is not
the only business entity involved with Royale and encourages other business
entities to make similar offers to help Royale mature to be your solution
for building applications for web/mobile/desktop.

    IF within 30 days Apache Royale 1.0 is released to the public then the
    Moonshine-IDE.com team will again donate $2,500 for the month of June
in an
    identical voting scenario (assuming this one works well) to bring home
    1.1 release.

    By 60 days from now, a new user who has never seen Royale before or
    programmed in ActionScript should be able to:
    1) Arrive at the Apache Royale web page

    2) Understand from the home page why they should care about the project
    they come from React, Vue, Angular, Flex, or ActionScript worlds

    3) Be able to within 5 mouse clicks (download button, install button,
    launch button, build button, run button) go from having nothing on
    machine to having an IDE (we of course volunteer Moonshine but Visual
    Studio Code should be a goal for this, too) on their machine with a
    successful build of their first "hello world".  No command line
    No learning NPM, Git, downloading 20 required packages.   See Royale
    website.  Want to try it.  5 clicks later build your Hello World.

    If the above 3 goals are met, then the Moonshine-IDE.com team will run
    3rd donation round of $2,500 for the month of July in a manner to the
    description above to bring home a 1.2 release, to be published no later
    than the end of July 2019 for the awards to be paid.

    Hopefully this helps motivate the team.

    Thank you,

    Justin Hill
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