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From jude <flexcapaci...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ROADMAP] Apache Flex Steering Survey
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 03:30:31 GMT
Anyone on this list will tell you I like more organization than less but I
have a couple of concerns with the survey. I don't remember if there was an
"Other" category in the list of items but I think, because of surveys in
past experiences*, that it gives the impression that if it isn't on the
list it isn't going to get worked on or any attention. I've been on this
list long enough to know people will work on whatever the heck they want
but that idea is and was hard to accept and plan for. It's like a
non-answer. I'd feel a lot better if the survey added a "other" box,
mentioned some of the other parts of the project people are working on and
clearly stated that the purpose of the survey as a starting point target to
aim for, correct me if I'm wrong.

I would also mention that there might be developers who are just going into
Jira and going down the list and working on those items.

* Past experiences being the $100 feature purchase survey.
** I think you'll have to ask on the list to see what people are working
on, what they are interested in working on or even features they're
interested in.

For example, I'm interested in working on or helping with a Design View for
Flex. Goals would be to create skins, load in and change skins dynamically,
visually create designs that can be exported to FXG markup and so on.

I'm interested in Spark parity with mx components plus new components,
performance optimizations and a few others. Some of these I can help on
some I can't. So there's a difference if someones tallying up the score.

I'd love to see a live or frequently updated status sheet / page / app that
shows what's being worked on (general topics or Jira issues) , progress,
participation count and so on if some how we can gather and show this
information. I'd be glad to help on this tool if there's interest.


On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Keith Sutton <keith@spoon.as> wrote:

> All,
> Some of you may have seen tweets and emails concerning a Apache Flex
> Steering Survey which currently has more than 375 respondents since July
> 26th.
> With the successful release of Apache Flex 4.8.0-incubating (previously
> announced below) it is timely to have a discussion/consensus around the
> priorities going forward. Below is a link to a survey that will help guide
> discussions on objectives, priorities, features and functions (roadmap)
> that can guide effort over the next 6-12 months. This survey is 8 questions
> and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Your input is extremely
> important to the project - thank you for your time. The survey will be open
> until Aug 21st.
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/**TWTJ2VS<http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TWTJ2VS>
> More background:
> The Apache Flex Steering Survey is being organized and executed by members
> of the 'Open Spoon Foundation' (www.spoon.as) and affiliates in support
> of the Apache Flex Project. The Foundation (not-for-profit foundation)
> setup by the Adobe community in 2011 to capture the collective experience
> of those individuals implementing solutions on the Flex framework and to
> apply that knowledge in a constructive manner through defect patching,
> feature contribution and addressing aspects of the framework that limit
> extensibility. Spoon's has a membership of several hundred and growing (a
> number of who are Apache Flex committers and PMC members). The survey is
> part of an effort to bring the community together, plan and organize
> ourselves to move forward from the recent 4.8.0-incubating release. The
> next 6 months will be an important stage for Apache Flex during which
> Adobe's code/effort donations will be finalized and the first true 'new'
> release will be undertaken. It is also a critical time in the market to
> begin rebuilding interest and commitment in the technology. The chances of
> success at this environment will be greatly improved by a coordinated
> community effort towards the right objectives, which is what the steering
> survey is going to contribute towards. The survey is live right now & will
> remain open until August 21st, the data is meant to be used by Spoon and
> the Apache Flex project. No commercial or personal information will be
> shared publically, only aggregated results for the purpose of defining
> objectives, features and functions as part of the roadmap
> planning/organizing discussion.
> On 7/25/2012 12:25 PM, Keith Sutton wrote:
>> With the successful release of 4.8.0-incubating it would be timely to
>> have a discussion/consensus around the priorities going forward.
>> A couple of fundamental factors should be considered in this discussion:
>>     1) Adobe resources are not indefinite and from statements made
>>     early in the year it is possible they may no longer be available
>>     within 6+/- months (plan for the worst case). Once these resources
>>     are gone it will be significantly harder to access/transition code
>>     assets;
>>     2) Successful open source projects/communities are commercially
>>     viable, as much as open source is about cool technologies and code
>>     it is also about having the resources to do what they want for as
>>     long as they want;
>>     3) Within the Fortune 1000 companies which has the greater
>>     installed base and therefore need for support/transition - Flex 3;
>>     4) This is not a typical open source project that grows over time,
>>     this is a commercially viable product with a significant customer
>>     base and ecosystem, Apache Flex does not have the luxury of time
>>     as organizations wrestle with the decisions in the 6-12 months
>>     over Flex versus HTML5/JS/CSS (hope is not a roadmap).
>> After gleaning through emails and blog posts the following is a list of
>> potential things-to-do-next (please identify anything needing
>> addition/deletion). When considering what is a priority, ask yourself 'is
>> this essential to Apache Flex success beyond the next 6-12 months':
>>     1) 4.6 ViewStack
>>     2) 4.6 Accordion
>>     3) 4.6 DateField
>>     4) 4.6 DataChooser
>>     5) 4.6 Enhanced DataGrid
>>     6) 4.6 missing automation libraries
>>     7) 4.6 missing fabridge
>>     8) 4.6 missing flash-integration
>>     9) 4.6 missing samples
>>     10) 4.6 missing embedded font support
>>     11) 3.x Flex SDK
>>     12) Flex compiler source code
>>     13) BlazeDS/BlazeDS.NET
>>     14) TLF
>>     15) Gravity
>>     16) FXG
>>     17) Squiggles
>>     18) OSMF
>> Notes:
>> Falcon and Falcon JS are not on the list until Q4 2012 and beyond
>> Adobe "Not be contributing the AIR for Linux SDK, LCDS, or LCCS to Apache"
>> Adobe "will ensure that the Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 and prior will be
>> supported in future versions of Flash Player and AIR
>> Adobe "plans to maintain support for Flex projects in updates to Flash
>> Builder 4.x"

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