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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject RE: [ROADMAP] Apache Flex Steering Survey
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 17:20:03 GMT
> Although the survey attempts to get to the bottom of feature priorities, I can't help
feeling that we should be including parties other than this mailing list to take part in the
survey. Although many of this list's participants including myself have an exposure > to
a subset of the corporate users requirements, does anyone have any ideas how we could ( and
if we should ) be trying to include the high paying end customers in our surveys ? i.e. the
big corporations that were (and in some cases are) spending
> money on Flex development ? Is this information Spoon can get access to through their
Daniel - the survey is not part of the Apache Flex project. The survey is currently live and
will be open until Aug 21st, 2012 and the survey link is here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TWTJ2VS.
The survey is meant to generate interest, recruit help & engagement, and isn't limited
to those participating in the project or restricted in some other way. If you wish to distribute
the survey, you may. If you wish to take the survey, please do. The Apache Way allows those
who wish to participate to do so without anybody's permission or guidance. Each person can
scratch their own itch. My itch was facilitating a conversation around development priorities
& preferences of Flex community members.

> Obviously I appreciate that some of these large spending corporations will have members
monitoring this list, but some may not as they probably relied on Adobe (and partners) sales
& marketing effort to keep them posted. 
IMO, a very good way to access the sales and marketing resources available for Apache Flex
is to join the Spoon mailing list today http://www.spoon.as/contact-spoon/. Flex ecosystem
partners, Flex user groups, Flex service provider directories, Flex conference speakers, Flex
evangelism resources, Spoon monthly newsletter archives, and other authoritative information
is posted for all to consume, enjoy, and distribute. Please encourage those who need help
to ask for what they need! Spoon will get your colleagues the help they need.

> As much as I appreciate the effort which has been put into the survey, I can't help feeling
it is a little bit leaning towards some kind of 'progress report' on Adobe donations rather
than a focus on whats next.
You're welcome! The power of the Apache Way is that participation is not limited or directed
by the Spoon survey. The results are a Flex community conversation starter, do not have any
official weight with commenters, contributors, committers, or users of the Flex SDK. We also
look forward to imagining the possibilities, too. There will probably be new powerful features
that haven't been conceived yet, spontaneous discussions of future project direction, and
a completely unknowable future for Flex as part of the ASF. It is an exciting time!
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