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From Christopher BROWN <br...@reflexe.fr>
Subject Fragment bundles and Bundle-Classpath of host
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 08:35:28 GMT

The software I'm creating uses Felix to separate one API bundle (a set
of "official" interfaces) from various implementation bundles.
Generally, to discourage customers (who aren't OSGi experts) from
creating dependencies on JARs upon which we require, as we want to be
able to keep them as hidden implementation details that we're free to
change over time.  There's only a few JARs we've " promoted" or shared
as proper bundles.

Our testing strategy involves binding fragment bundles with tests, and
I hit a problem, given the approach outlined above. In short, although
the fragment bundle is in the same package, it doesn't seem possible
to share access to the Bundle-Classpath without exporting from the
host and importing it from the Fragment. It's therefore available to
world+dog as an unwanted side effect, and yet I thought Fragments were
supposed to share classloader access with the host..?

Is there another way to do this without having to export "private
dependency JARs"?


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