Can you measure the amount of time requirred to just open / connect?

Have you monitored the VM (memory / GC) usage and what about the cpu load? What's the size of one record returned in average? Can you execute this statement using plain JDBC just to get a feeling about what overhead of empire we are talking about? Personally I think 32k records is not that much..



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Am 12.06.2015 um 17:31 schrieb Nguyen, Chieu X <chieu.nguyen@verizon.com>:

Hi Rainer,



I have a SQL that returns 23K records, then, I called the code below to return the data in a List.  It consistently took around 1 – 2 minutes to finish the getBeanList call. 


Is there a way in Empire-DB for me to speed up the performance?


       List<String> dataList = new LinkedList<String>();


       DBReader reader = new DBReader();



           org.apache.commons.lang.time.StopWatch sw = new org.apache.commons.lang.time.StopWatch();



           reader.open(dbCmd, dbConn);

           dataList = reader.getBeanList(String.class);



           log.info("getDataFromTable: Getting data from table took " + sw.toString() );


       catch (Exception e)


           log.error("getDataFromTable: Error in running SQL " + dbCmd.getSelect(), e);








Thank you,



Chieu Nguyen