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From <>
Subject RE: [LDAP API] Help with Paging
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2017 19:39:59 GMT
Haha, nevermind.  Thanks for being 'the duck.'

I just needed to searchRequest.addControl(pagedResults);

...which I've inlined below.


From: Loven, Hans CTR (FAA)
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2017 2:29 PM
Cc: Loven, Hans CTR (FAA)
Subject: [LDAP API] Help with Paging


So far I've had a very good experience working with the LDAP API.  I have used it as part
of a service-oriented application that does passes data between an RDB and Active Directory
(via its LDAP interface).

I have just begun attempting to utilize the Paging logic, but am running into a problem. 
It seems that I am able to get a "Paged" result just fine.  When the result is only 1 page
long, there is no issue.  However, I'm obviously missing the mechanism by which the Page is
advanced to the next collection of AD results.  Thus, when there are multiple pages, I just
keep processing the first page over, and over...

I haven't been able to find much information anywhere on the internet.  This SO post seems
reasonably close:
 ...but fails to advance the page.  What follows is a somewhat abbreviated version of what
I've got--can someone tell me what I'm missing??

        // form up the search request
        SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequestImpl();

        // set the interface-level search parameters for the (initial) search
        PagedResults pagedResultsDecorator = new PagedResultsDecorator(ldc.getCodecService());

        SearchCursor searchCursor = null;
        try {
            int pageNum = 0;
            // set the interface-level search parameters for the initial search
            SearchRequest searchRequest = createSearchRequest(ldc, filterString);
            while (true) {
                // Search for the next page of results
                searchCursor =;

                LOG.debug("Now processing page [{}] of AD search results", pageNum);
                // pull all results from the current batch of results that the cursor points
                while ( {
                    Response response = searchCursor.get();
                    if (response instanceof SearchResultEntry) {
                        Entry resultEntry = ((SearchResultEntry) response).getEntry();
                    } else {
                        LOG.trace("element of response is NOT instanceof SearchResultEntry,
it is [{}]", response.getClass());

                // IF PAGING is supported ...
                if (ldc.isControlSupported(PagedResults.OID)) {
                    SearchResultDone searchResultDoneObject = searchCursor.getSearchResultDone();
                    // AND IF we received a valid search completion object in the results
                    if (null != searchResultDoneObject) {
                        ResultCodeEnum resultCode = searchResultDoneObject.getLdapResult().getResultCode();

                        // IF the search was SUCCESSFUL...
                        if (ResultCodeEnum.SUCCESS == resultCode) {
                            PagedResults pagedResults = (PagedResults) searchResultDoneObject.getControl(PagedResults.OID);

                            // if we've just processed the last PAGE of data, then exit the
                            // FIXME: hackish/non-obvious, but not sure if better way exists...
                            byte[] cookie = pagedResults.getCookie();
                            if ((null == cookie) || (0 == pagedResults.getCookie().length))
                                LOG.trace("Final PAGE of data processed");
                            } else {
                                // otherwise, re-set the decorator for next page of results
                                //    ASSUME I SHOULD BE SETTING SOMETHING HERE . . .
                                pagedResults.setCookie(cookie);   <-------------CAN/SHOULD
                                searchRequest.addControl(pagedResults); <-------------THIS

                            // sleep to meter results, moderate memory utilization
                            try {
                            } catch (InterruptedException ie) {
                                LOG.warn("Failed to pause between pages of AD records!", ie);

                        // ELSE IF the server curtailed our search results due to some restriction,
throw an exception
                        else if (ResultCodeEnum.UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM == resultCode) {
                            // error handling...

                        // OTHERWISE - unknown error
                        else {
                            // error handling...

                    // The search failed
                    else {
                            // error handling...

                // ELSE - we are processing a NON-PAGED result set
                else {
                    LOG.error("We should never get here, as we are requesting PAGED results!");

        } catch ( various exceptions) {
            // error handling...
        } finally {
            // close the cursor & ensure the connection has been closed


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