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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Reading Binary Attributes
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 14:34:51 GMT
On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 3:30 PM, Daniel Fisher <> wrote:
>>> Specifying BinaryAttributeDetectors might also be interesting in the case where
the server does not advertise the location of the its schema in the RootDSE. But it would
leave the connection being halfway schema aware, which might be complicated to handle at first
>>> Something we can discuss about though.
>> yeah, the problem here is to link such a mechanism into the schema
>> manager, but honestly I don't think it is a good
>> idea to let user define some behavior to handle the attribute type
>> apart from what is already defined in the schema through syntax.
>> OTOH this conversation makes me think that we should also make
>> connection schema aware by default, instead of the current choice
>> of letting users call loadSchema() to make it schema aware.
> I think you want to support both behaviors. The vast majority of LDAP
> clients do not need to be schema aware. They just need to read strings
> (and sometimes bytes) from the server. Forcing a client to synchronize
> schema updates with their server would place an undue burden on
> application deployers that depend on LDAP.

I agree with Daniel. LDAP is often used to authenticat users, so only
a connect and bind is required. In that case loading the schema would
be too expensive.

Another thing: the schema may be big, say up to an Megabyte. So you
don't want to load the schema on each connect/bind. In Studio we cache
the schema based on the createTimestamp/modifyTimestamp of the
subschemaSubentry entry, but that's quite tricky and doesn't always

Loading the schema is also dependent from the access control rules.
Some servers don't allow reading the schema for non-admin users. So in
that case the connection can't be made schema-aware.

And using the built-in schema doesn't make sense at all, IMHO. If we
don't know what the other server is it doesn't make sense to assume
the schema would match.

> If you don't like exposing the BinaryAttributeDetector, you could
> simply store the raw byte[] in the Attribute along with the UTF-8
> encoded string for every attribute. If I remember correctly this is
> what JLDAP does. Clients would then have the flexibility to use either
> data type regardless of the schema.

That's a great idea, +1

Kind Regards,

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