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From Carl Trieloff <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release deltacloud 0.1.0
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:23:49 GMT
On 11/19/2010 12:29 PM, Luciano Resende wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 5:48 AM, Carl Trieloff<>  wrote:
>> Jim,
>>   I remember at one point there was a discussion that if 3 mentors +1'ed on
>> this
>> list, then the IPMC only needs to be notified. If there are not 3 member
>> votes then
>> the vote needs to be had on the incubator list. Did that discussion go
>> anywhere
>> (do you know)... i.e. if that is an option there are enough mentors on the
>> project
>> to complete the vote on the dev list and we should ping the mentors.
>> What is the current state on this in incubator?
>> Carl.
> While in Incubator, you need to request IPMC approval for releases. If
> you already have the 3 binding IPMC votes, then it's just a matter of
> waiting the 72hrs period in the general@ list.

I've spent a bit of time looking through the release.

Few issues:

- It is common practice to have the ASL license header in the top of all 
files in the release. I would like to see that we follow that common 

For example and deltacloud.rb in the core package have no 
license headers,
the client tz seems to be much better applied with license headers than 

- The release will also need to be signed to pass IPMC review.

If the above two issues are resolved I'll +1 the release.


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