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From "" <>
Subject Re: API driver methods and parameters
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 13:46:21 GMT
Hi Ladislav, thanks for taking the time. I think thats a really good 
point and well made - backwards compatibility is very important to us, 
especially now that we are thinking about getting some kind of stable 
release cycle going. However the obvious trade-off here is that we make 
our code less clear/harder to follow/more like magic :) if we are hiding 
all our parameters. I don't know which is the overriding concern.


On 12/11/10 15:19, Ladislav Martincik wrote:
> Hi,
> On Nov 12, 2010, at 2:11 PM, wrote:
>> Hi, I am (finally) back onto working on the blobstore. I wanted to get some opinions
(alternatively, find out if anyone feels strongly either way) about the driver method signatures.
This is not terribly important but its a choice all the same.
>> So far most driver methods (i.e. defined in base_driver.rb) look like:
>> " def method_name(credentials, opts=nil)"
>> where opts hash will contain any of the required parameters (e.g. an 'id' parameter
for filtering a list of images). I have tried to follow this style as much as possible for
blobstore thus far. However it seems silly for some methods not to explicate the parameters.
>> An obvious one is 'create_blob' where you need to supply the bucket name, blob name
and the blob data. So I guess the question is should we have:
>> "def create_blob(credentials, bucket_id, blob_id, blob_data)"
>> OR
>> "def create_blob(credentials, opts = nil)"
>> {and  where opts: opts['bucket_id'], opts['blob_id'], opts['blob_data']}
> Personally I would vote and I believe that having less arguments is better. Few reasons:
> 1) It's less likely that when you change the order of arguments you would have to change
all the occurrences in the code
> 2) Whenever you decide to remove add new argument you have to also change all occurrences
> Also known as "Connascence of Position (CoP)". You can read more about it here:
> Hope that makes sense and good argument.
> -- Ladislav

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