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From Jay Bourland <jay.bourl...@gmail.com>
Subject SummaryHelper not setting replacements
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2013 15:03:15 GMT
I'm trying to convert an old Torque site to version 4. I'm running into a problem with using
a count() function. The code looks like this:

      Criteria crit = getCriteriaDogsWithAllTitles( titles, year );

      SummaryHelper summary = new SummaryHelper();

      summary.addAggregate( "count", new Count( DogPeer.DOG_ID ) );
      List<ListOrderedMapCI> results = summary.summarize( crit );

When summarize() is executed, I get a "jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: You have an error
in your SQL syntax" exception. The Criteria is good and works fine with a doSelect(). It appears
that the summarize converts the Criteria to a string without adding in the replacements for
the parameters in the prepared statement. Also, if I take the string from the queryStatement
and replace the '?' with values, the statement runs fine from an interactive MySQL session.
When I compare the code in SummaryHelper.summarize() to BasePeerImpl.doSelect() the code to
set the replacements is present in doSelect but not in summarize.

What's the best way to report this?

Jay Bourland
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