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From Andrea Bertucci <abertu...@aitek.it>
Subject Re: Postgresql table aliases
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 16:37:17 GMT
Greg Monroe wrote:
> I also wonder if this isn't a PostGres version issue.  If I remember the 
> SQL standards correctly, the query that PostGres is choking on is perfectly
> valid SQL.  PostGres, like MySQL and the like, have all been working to 
> follow the SQL Standard more closely.  This could be a standards bug in
> your version of PostGres.
Thank you!
Few minutes ago I understand that the problem was a mistake in my code.

In some cases I'm composing the update query using column names defined 
in OM Peer (for some reason I can't use Criteria) and execute query with
executeStatement function.
In this classes, automatically generated by torque using my schema 
definition, each column has a prefix
that is table name. This has generated the query error, because I obtain 
query of the form:
update a set a.b=c
that it's not a right syntax for postgres

I correct the problem deleting table prefix in the query generated by hand.



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