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From "Georg Kallidis" <georg.kalli...@cedis.fu-berlin.de>
Subject Re: Re: Torque 4.1?
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:54:40 GMT
Hi all, thanks for all the replies!

@The question is whether torque-test runs ok or not.
Ok, I tested almost only mysql and hsqldb. I will check hsqldb and 
postgreSQL and hopefully Oracle SQL could be fixed, though MSQ SQL still 
remains not  tested thoroughly .. I did some MySQL SQL generation change 
recently... Thinking about this, it might be a structural improvement 
needed, if the project would be in more active mode. I do not think, about 
splitting up torque structure into database specific submodules, but a 
solution has to be found about some flexibility in database support. Might 
be, that not all databases could get the same test level with the current 
community ... 
@The issue [TORQUE-356] mainly was about the introduction of timezones 
into datetime columns" 
It might be helpful to get some more hints in the issue, what exactly is 
Thomas might be right, and with semantic versioning in mind we might 
better use v5.0 - although I am not yet aware of breaking dependencies in 
generated java code, but Java 8 is now required.
Summary IMO: It might be necessary to check some more capabilities 
(databases, ant tasks integration ??), until we could release Torque. 
Nevertheless I personally would prefer to do it as early as possible. 
Hopefully the remaining must-have TODOs/issues will boil down very soon to 
zero! ;-)

Best regards, Georg

BTW https://db.apache.org/torque/torque-4.0/  site navigation of needs 
some updates as well, e.g. Wiki should point to 

Von:    Thomas Vandahl <tv@apache.org>
An:     Apache Torque Developers List <torque-dev@db.apache.org>
Datum:  18.12.2019 20:23
Betreff:        Re: Torque 4.1?

On 18.12.19 16:59, Georg Kallidis wrote:
> today I worked on a couple of TORQUE issues, which blocked the release 
> Torque 4.1, but could be resolved (someone checks this?). 
The question is whether torque-test runs ok or not.
I got access to a fairly recent Oracle server and found that the Oracle
tests are broken. They already fail because of invalid SQL-files being

> Still remaining are TORQUE-355  "Improve support for HSQLDB 2.x" and 
> TORQUE-356 "Implement millisecond support for MySQL timestamps".
> - TORQUE-356 seems to be actually resolved as Hsqldb 3.x is now used - ?
There are some instanceof-checks in the tests that exclude several
feature tests that HSQLDb now has. I wanted to check whether these
exclusions are now obsolete or not.
However, the above-mentioned issue mainly was about the introduction of
timezones into datetime columns. This broke some tests.

> May be to lift the release version from 4.1 to 5.1 for the Torque 
> as well?
I have to admit that I changed quite a lot and deleted stuff without
caring too much for backward compatibility. My guess would be that we
are no longer in a 4.x-range but need at least 5.0

Bye, Thomas

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