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From Mike Verdone <mike.verd...@pason.com>
Subject "The application server rejected establishment of the connection"
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:39:56 GMT

I'm trying to set up Derby in server mode, but for some reason I can't 
connect to the server. The application I'm working on has two processes. 
The one that starts first gets an embedded connection to the database 
"arddb", and then spawns a server on localhost port 14502. The second 
process then tries to connect to the server via localhost.

The database works fine in embedded mode. I can create tables and work 
with data no problem. I am certain that the server has started-- for one 
there are no error messages, and also the error message I get when I try 
to connect is different than when I try to connect with no server 
running. The error is this:

com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.DisconnectException: The application server rejected 
establishment of the connection.  An attempt was made to access a 
database, arddb, which was not found.

How can arddb be not found when I'm working with it on the embedded 

I've experimented with authentication settings but as far as I can tell 
I don't even get that far. I created my own authenticator class that 
logs a message and returns true. I installed it like this:

                 "'derby.authentication.provider', "
                 + "'com.pason.ard.db.DbUserAuthenticator')");

No messages are logged, so I don't think I've even hit the 
authentication stage. The URL for the server connection is this:


and I pass user and password as fields in a Properties object when I 

I just don't understand why it won't let me connect. Any ideas?


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