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From Daniel John Debrunner <...@debrunners.com>
Subject Upgrade changes committed
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 19:19:49 GMT
I committed these changes for upgrade

Add language upgrade support from 10.0.
Add property derby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade to allow testing of
upgrade code while the code is marked as alpha/beta.
Add upgrade check for routines with method signatures to ensure such
routines cannot be created while running in soft upgrade mode against 10.0.


The property derby.database.allowPreReleaseUpgrade addresses a concern
Suresh had a while back that the current state of the code would not
allow testing of their upgrade code by Derby developers.

Setting this property to true allows an 10.0 database to be upgraded
with the current trunk code, which is at version alpha. It is
not intended for production, indeed with the upgrade policy the upgraded
database could not be upgraded to any future 10.1 release, as it is
marked as being created by an alpha/beta release.
(this code is not specific to any release, but the real version numbers
make it easier to explain).

Next I'll have commit some test code that isn't part of the current
functional tests framework. You run a shell script that runs a java
program multiple times using the old release jar files or the new
release jar files. E.g. build a 10.0  database, run 10.1 in soft
upgrade, run in 10.0 post soft upgrade etc. The output has to be
manually checked for FAIL output.

The test currently doesn't pass but should once Suresh's upgrade changes
at the store level are committed. The test fails when 10.0 is run after
soft upgrade and finds new log checksum log records it doesn't
understand. At least I'm assuming that's what is going on. :-)


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