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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Rat 0.12
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2016 17:02:30 GMT

The Apache Creadur [1] team is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Rat 0.12, a minor release following 0.11, which was published
in August 2014.

Apache Rat [2] is a build tool focused on license audit, helping you
to spot and fix missing license headers. The 0.11 release fixes
several bugs, adds support for CDDL 1.0 as well as recognizing more
file types than before. Read the releases notes below for the full details.

Upgrading should be easy:

* Command line and Apache Ant users download from [3]

* Apache Maven users update the plugin version to 0.12

Apache Creadur is home to tools that help to take some of the pain
away from maintaining licensing information for open source projects,
especially those here at Apache. You are welcome to check out the
source [4] and join us on our mailing list [5].

On behalf of the Apache Creadur team,

Jochen Wiedmann

RAT-61: List files with unapproved licenses in Maven output. Thanks to
Jukka Zitting. 27
RAT-181: BinaryGuesser should treat *.truststore as binary.
RAT-184: Add DEPENDENCIES to the list of ignored files in NoteGuesser.
(Karl Heinz Marbaise.)
RAT-185: .repository folder should be ignored. (Karl Heinz Marbaise).
RAT-186: BinaryGuesser should recognize PSD files as images.
RAT-187: Add 'SAR', 'HAR', 'WSR' as archives which should be ignored.
(Karl Heinz Marbaise)
RAT-197: Improve exclusion defaults when working with Maven 3.3.1
(exclude .mvn). (Karl Heinz Marbaise).
RAT-201: BinaryGuesser should treat *.swf as binary.
             Furthermore BinaryGuesser falls back to UTF-8 encoding in
case the encoding given
             via system property (-Dfile.encoding) was not found.
RAT-202: Report layout differs between successful RAT checks and
existence of unapproved files.
RAT-203: Using 'license' in README, source code, javadoc, comments and
site instead of
              'licence'; improve terminology to not confuse RAT consumers.
RAT-204: Unify resource handling in code and tests, make sure the resources are
              properly closed. Apply minor refactorings.

[5], for subscription see

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