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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Minimum version of Maven to use the Rat plugin
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 20:29:33 GMT

In RAT-78 there is a request to upgrade to a newer version of Doxia.
That is a reasonable request given the fact that the current version we
are using is 1.0-alpha-8 which is *really* old.

Now, in order to decide which version of Doxia to use we need to first
define the minimum version of Maven we want to support. Currently our
plugin requires Maven 2.0.6 which came out in 2007. Over in Maven land
we currently target Maven 2.2.1 as the minimum version for our plugins.

The reason for this question is because different versions of Maven
comes with different versions of Doxia. This is an unfortunate hard
connection between the two, but starting with Maven 3 there are no
longer any direct dependencies on Doxia in Maven core. See this wiki
page for some history in the matter:

We really only have two choices:

1. Require Maven 2.0.11 and use Doxia 1.0.x

2. Require Maven 2.1.0+, which in reality means Maven 2.2.1 due to
technical reasons I won't go into here, and use Doxia 1.1+

Unless anyone has strong objections I plan on going with option 2 here.

Dennis Lundberg

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