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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: [whisker] Release Early, Release Often...?
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 16:38:58 GMT
On 01/19/12 04:51, Hugo Hirsch wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Hugo

> Am 18.01.2012 09:56, schrieb Robert Burrell Donkin:
>> Opinions?
> release: +1


> I'd prefer if site reports were to work for the project. To my mind it
> seems that those things never get a high priority once a project builds
> regularly and people tend to say "This has never worked before - why
> enable it now?".


> What needs to be done in order to produce reports for test coverage
> (cobertura, emma), findbugs and pmd? Do we need a specific
> rat-parent-pom? Or a whisker-variant for maven>3?

It might be a case of just turning them on. Hopefully I'll be able to 
give this a whirl sometime soon - feel free to give it a go and report 

> If I run site:site on the current whisker trunk the submodules are not
> linked correctly ....

For some reason, I always get this wrong then have to look it...


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