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From "Hyrum K. Wright" <>
Subject [PATCH] Allow RAT to run on .tar.gz archives
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2009 00:21:18 GMT
In using RAT to check potential Subversion release tarballs, I've bumped into a couple of its,
uh, limitations.  To that end, I've hacked up the attached patch which fixes the immediate
itch of not wanting to have to unpack the tarball before running the tool.  I'm not sure what
the RAT patch submission guidelines are, so I'm just sending it here, with the following caveats.

 * Reports aren't sorted properly for .tar.gz; standard filesystem targets remain unaffected.
 * Needed to add a new dependency (ant) to pick up TarInputStream and friends.
 * My maven-fu is *very* limited (read: nonexistent) so I kind of guessed at the build system
tweakage which needed to happen for the above.  Comments/pointers/tweaks appreciated.
 * My Java is a bit rusty, so I may not have done things in the most efficient way.
 * I don't know the standard RAT coding conventions, but attempted to follow existing conventions
where possible.

Future work:
 * Allow running on .zip and .tar.bz2 tarballs.  This should be relatively easy.
 * Properly sort the output of the report generated by running RAT on tarballs.

Let me know of any feedback you may have, or feel free to just tweak the patch before committing.
 I plan on implementing the followup patches after this one gets committed.


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