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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Appending licences
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 22:16:15 GMT
I have a very rough implementation of licence appending in RAT, that is, 
you can optionally add licence headers to files that do not currently 
have a recognised licence header and are not in the excludes list.

The implementation is very limited (only able to ad Apache Software 
Licence, only works on java files), but it is a starting point.

Before I go an submit a patch I'd like to float the design past people 
here. I like to work in a "get things working then refactor" kind of 
way. Is that how you want to work here, or do you prefer a more rigorous 
upfront design?

Anyway, here's what I have done:

Added Apache CLI to the Report class. The current help message is:

usage: simal [options] DIR
  -a,--addLicence        Add the default licence header to any file with 
an unknown licence that is not in the exclusion list, and exit.

  -c,--copyright <arg>   The copyright message to use in the licence 
headers, usually in the form of "Copyright 2008 Foo"

  -h,--help              Print help for the RAT command line interface 
and exit

  -x,--xml               Output the report in XML format

Adding the --addLicence option results in the followig behaviour:

- run the report, capturing the XML output
- extract all files with no licence
- create a rat.appender.LicenceAppender class
- iterate over all files calling the append method of the LicenceAppender
- re-run the report and output in either text or xml (if --xml option is 

The LicenceAppender will (if the file is a java file) either add the 
standard ASF header, or, if the instance was created using an argument 
from the --copyright command line option, the correct header of applyig 
the Apache Software Licence with a named copyright holder.

Currently the LicenceAppender creates a new file with the licence 
header, i.e. "" generates a "" alongside the 
orgiinal file.

Potential refactoring:

- make this a single pass process by adding a hooker into the analysis 
thread. I didn't do it this way initially as I prefer a "get it working 
then improve it approach" and besides, it seems wrong for an analysis 
class to actually change the source files. It would seem this is a much 
bigger refactoring.

- add an option to modify the java files themselves, i.e. don't create 
"". I think having the default set to create alternative 
files is safer as this will allow for an additional sanity check before 
actually modfiying the source

- make LicenceAppender an abstract class and provide other appender 
implementations for other licences

- move the logic out of Report.main(args) and into LicenceAppender 
(probably do that in a few minutes)

So, is this something that you'd want in RAT? Is it something you would 
accept in its current rough design?

One last question. What is the policy for code submissions with respect 
to unit tests. I've been lazy on this and not written unit tests. I'd be 
happy to write them before submitting, but if I get to carry on being 
lazy, I will.


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