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From Olaf Krueger <>
Subject Does a bulk delete internally creates "tombstones" when passing not existing docs?
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2020 19:05:46 GMT
Hi guys,

this the first time I get in touch with the bulk API in order to bulk delete documents and
I am a bit confused about it: 

First, the CouchDB response seems to be not helpful:
CouchDB always returns with a "conflict" for all scenarios except "ok".
So I wonder how to handle the results properly when something fails.
This behaviour is already described within issue 1408 [1].

Second, it seems to me that CouchDB internally creates "tombstone" documents when passing
not-existing documents for deletion. I am not totally sure about this, but as always CouchDB
response with a "conflict" for such a case but searching with the key returns a the document
which contains {deleted: true}.
For a document that doesn't exist before and shouldn't be there.

I have to admit that I tested this by using nano and didn't checked the "native" way yet.

So I wonder how you guys are using the bulk API?
Maybe this behaviour makes sense and I just don't understand it the right way?
Or is there something wrong with the bulk delete implementation and we e.g. have to do an
existance check before using a bulk delete?

I am really looking forward for some help!

Many thanks in advance!



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