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From Richard Ellis <>
Subject Re: Multiple queries at the same time against a view
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2020 12:45:06 GMT
Hi Paul,

I think the problem you are seeing is related to using both reduce and 
skip. Reduce is true by default when there is a reduce function present in 
the view. I think you are, in effect, skipping past the [single] row with 
the reduced result for your given key (you could validate this by setting 

I suspect you probably want to add `reduce: false` to each query.

Hope that helps,

From:   Paul Milner <>
Date:   23/10/2020 13:03
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Multiple queries at the same time against a 

Hello Everybody

I am trying to run multiple queries against a view at the same time using
the queries endpoint.

post to db/_design/designdoc/_view/viewcount/queries

I need different limits and skips on each query.

I post the following data:


My view is as follows:

  emit(doc.key, 1);

with a _count reduce function.

The response I get is:


I have looked at the following documentation, but sorry it's not very 
to me: 

Can someone tell me how to formulate this request correctly please?

Thank you
Best regards

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