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From Rene Veerman <>
Subject FolderDB - advice wanted
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2019 16:50:33 GMT

I like JSON a lot better than the SQL data model,
but now that i've been using it for a few years,
i find myself combining file system storage of lots of JSON files in many
sub-folders into a web app,
like news gathering with commandline PHP per N minutes from 280+ RSS online
into a PHP web-app that loads the latest news, via a web-powered PHP
filesystem search of the latest new-items JSON files, stored on a
filesystem thats got folders like
./YYYY/MM/DD/hh/mm/ss/CATEGORY_SUBMENU_PATH leading to JSON files.

so now i want something more flexible. something that can give me a
web-based treeview of data spanning many JSON-like files (in more
complicated ways than my news app) and even into other file formats stored
somewhere on the filesystem of some server.

i plan to license this right from the start under a LGPL typed license,
because i believe input from other developers is key to making a DB system
that is not only easy to use, but also very efficient to run.

i'd like the code to stay pure PHP, not even using the object oriented
functionality of PHP, just plain properly named functions and their return

i'll name this DB architecture FolderDB, and to prevent web-apps from
forcing the server to reload (and decode!) many .jsone files upon a simple
request to change something in some referenced .jsone file, i plan to run a
single PHP server daemon that will respond to a yet to be written

the file format itself, has to differ from JSON somewhat i think, and i
also believe we can lose some of the overhead.
i post this all here to hear your opinion, especially when it points to
insurmountable problems related to my designs.

i'm also interested to learn about how to add cloud redundancy to this DB
architecture, preferably with tiered backup servers, or at least be
prepared for such expansions of the DB architecture later on.

here's the string based format that i came up with so far :

JSON-Extended file format (ASCII / UNICODE)

    key1 : s|string value,
    key2 : 2,
    key3 : 3.4,
    key4a : t,
    key4b : f,
    key5 : [
        numbered array
    key6 : {
        named array
    key7 : url|/siteData/bla/bla/file.jsone,
    key8 : key|key7/someKeyInsideFileBehindURLofKey7_key1/key1a,
    key9 :
    key10 :

key4a = true
key4b = false

key1 would need it's value escaped, using \| and \,

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