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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Final deprecation of
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2018 20:15:31 GMT
Hi everyone,

As a last item before I go on holiday break for 2 weeks, I wanted to
announce the final deprecation of the old CouchDB wiki at as of today.

For many years, the CouchDB wiki had great advice on it for a number of
under-documented things, such as making and using CouchDB views, the
view collation feature, how to build CouchDB from source on a variety of
operating systems, and my favourite, notes from the original CouchHack
and CouchCamps in 2009 and 2010.

Unfortunately, most of this content hadn't been updated since 2011, and
in an increasingly large number of cases, was outdated or factually

Thanks to the hard work of Jonathan Hall (@flimzy) and myself, all of
the content in the wiki that was actually documentation for CouchDB has
been integrated with the official documentation. As an extra gift, we
now have a new table of contents for the documentation, which will
premier with the next CouchDB release. You can preview it here: (thanks Jan for fixing https access!)

The official docs now have a new "Best Practices" section, to which we
encourage you to contribute.

Anything that was of historical note, project management related, or a
list of client libraries, is on our new Confluence wiki at:

We're going to keep the new wiki compact like this, without how-tos or
walkthroughs. This is both because the workflow for maintaining the
official documentation is better, and because the official docs must
pass through a peer review process before being updated.

Happy Holidays,
Joan "my hands hurt" Touzet

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