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From Daniel Munch <>
Subject Re: Command line only install of 2.0 (Linux)
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 09:17:10 GMT
Hi Dan,

in case you're talking about a single-node setup I agree, the
documentation isn't very clear on that. I recently submitted a pull
request which should make it more clear, but apparently it didn't make
it to the site yet:

So in a nutshell:
For a single-node setup, instead of using the wizard, you can also
manually configure an admin user in the config file like explained in

Afterwards you have to create the three system databases _users,
_replicator and _global_changes like explained in the doc. This is
equivalent to the setup wizard and can be carried out form the command


On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 9:53 AM, Dan Ballance <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We've started using CouchDB recently and decided to start with your 2.0
> release. We're really loving the platform so far. We are trying to deploy
> CouchDB 2.0 with a configuration management application called Salt. I have
> a working configuration that does 99% of the install - although there
> appear to be a couple of final steps that need to be performed in a web
> browser which is not ideal from a config management PoV.
> So here are the final steps I have - please correct me if I am not doing
> this right. I saw an error in my logs which Googling brought me to this
> Hacker News thread:
> The technique proposed seems to work fine. I go to
> http://hostname:5984/_utils, create an admin account and then proceed to
> the single server setup which completes the installation of the necessary
> database tables. So my question is:
> Is there any way to set up the admin account and trigger the database
> tables to be created without an administrator visiting the server in a web
> browser?
> many thanks in advance for your valuable time,
> Dan Ballance.

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