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From Samuel Williams <>
Subject Re: Relaxo Ruby gem no longer targets CouchDB
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2017 22:48:10 GMT
My bad, the gem actually "Relaxo::QueryServer" :) But I'm sure no one cares.

On 12 February 2017 at 11:46, Samuel Williams
<> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> It's with a heavy (and slightly frustrated) heart that I've decided to
> stop investing time and effort into CouchDB. The 2.0 release moves
> further away from the core principals of CouchDB that made it
> attractive to me. In addition, a lot of issues in the core design of
> CouchDB (e.g. better query server & schema) seem to be ignored for
> years and so I've given up hope that there would be improvements.
> I'm not trying to be negative too much, the 2.0 release looks really
> great in a lot of ways - it's simply not what I'm after for my
> personal projects.
> The main point of this email is regarding the gems I maintained and published.
> For several years, I maintained an unpopular set of Ruby gems:
> "Relaxo", "Relaxo::Model" and "Relaxo::Query::Server". They are not
> used much but they were pretty decent client libraries. I'm
> refactoring the first two gems (never had a 1.0 release) as a Git
> based transactional database. So, from the next release (probably
> 0.6.0), they will have breaking API changes and no longer work with
> CouchDB. The third one - Relaxo::Query::Server, may be modified to be
> a git-based map-reduce server, so eventually that will be unavailable
> too.
> I'm just wanted to let anyone know, officially, what's happening with
> these gems as I feel it would be unfortunate for someone to be
> depending on them and not know what's happening or why. If you are
> stuck using these gems, know that they are now unmaintained in their
> current form, but you can pin to version "~> 0.4.0" and things would
> keep working. In addition, I've updated the confluence wiki to point
> to the best other option I know of (Couchrest) and removed links to
> these gems. When I update these gems, later today, they should not be
> published on the CouchDB news feed as they are no longer relevant.
> Thanks so much everyone.
> Kind regards,
> Samuel

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