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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject Re: Two-way SSL authentication?
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2016 21:36:26 GMT
Hi Tim,

Authentication handlers are pluggable once again, and that feature will appear in our next
release (tentatively designated 2.1.0).

We'd definitely merge a patch that added an authentication handler where the DN was used to
look up a user in the normal CouchDB _users database.

when we bring LDAP in, things get trickier. I'm sure we'd take a patch to add an LDAP authentication
handler, but there's no precedent for handlers co-operating with other handlers (LDAP plus
client cert). If you're prepared to do the work, I'm sure this could be figured out, I'm just
saying the authentication system doesn't already support the notion, and we wouldn't want
to make this part of couchdb much fiddlier.


> On 17 Nov 2016, at 14:36, Timothy McKernan <> wrote:
> Has there been any interest in adding support for two-way SSL
> authentication? More specifically, I'm looking for a way to:
>   - Verify a client's cert is valid,
>      - Check the cert's Certificate Authority(s) against a local store,
>      - Query a remote service to verify the cert hasn't been revoked
>      (CRL's),
>   - Use the client's Distinguished Name to query a remote service (LDAP
>   would be fine) to verify the user is authorized to connect,
>   - Use the client's Distinguished Name to authenticate the user in
>   CouchDb, returning the user ctx.
> I've looked at how to add an auth handler in 2.0.0 and read some older
> posts about it. It looks like at least src/chttpd/src/chttpd_auth.erl and
> src/couch/src/couch_httpd_auth.erl need to be edited to use any new
> handlers, is that right?
> I think my questions come down to:
>   - Is there going to be support for two-way SSL auth?
>   - If not, is the authentication handler code going to be updated to
>   allow new handlers to be plugged in (having the handlers implement a known
>   interface) rather than hand-edit the above code?
>   - I my requirements also suggest allowing a chain of handlers to be
>   called, so that the details of CouchDb auth vs. CRL verification vs. LDAP
>   can all be called one after the other, only going to the next handler if
>   the previous handler succeeded.
> Right now I'm just trying to understand the scope of what's required to add
> this, especially if it seems I'd be the one doing it.
> -Tim

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