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From "Christopher D. Malon" <>
Subject hot copies in 2.0
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2016 18:19:39 GMT
I'm interested in making a hot backup of my CouchDB 2.0 database
onto an offline data store, such as S3, where I can't have a copy
of CouchDB running.

To make a consistent copy of a small DB, I think I could issue a PUT to
_replicator/backupJob with source on :5984 and target on :5986,
and then copy the .couch file out of data/ (and onto S3) once the job
disappears from the _replicator database.  If I ever need to restore,
then I could copy back from :5986 to :5984 to bring the backup online.

However, there might not be space to do this for a multi-node DB.
What is the best method to get a consistent snapshot?  Even if I would
take a set of nodes offline to cover each of the shards, and then
grab the .couch file from each shard, I don't know how to ensure they
are at the same sequence point.  Does it actually matter if they are not
quite at the same sequence point? (i.e. updates would go to the same shard)


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