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From Diego Medina <>
Subject Re: couchdb and static site generation?
Date Fri, 01 Jan 2016 20:17:44 GMT

I'm doing something that may be similar to your idea. I use couchdb to
store my data, in my case it is mls property data. then I wrote an app in Go  that queries some views in couch and generates json
files, which then Hugo https <>:// <> <> uses to generate the actual site.

How this helps



I haven't been using couchdb for a number of years (due to work
requirements always suggesting something else but I did make a couple
medium size sites at one time)
Now I am starting a personal site and I am thinking I would like to do it
as a static site generator using Couchdb.

The reason for this is - I have used docpad in the past, and looked at all
the various node.js static site generators and I feel that they are all
inadequate for my needs as well as feeling sort of inefficient. The more I
think about it I feel like I would want to use couchdb, but I mean it is
sort of an intuition at this point because it's been so many years since
I've used it.

So anyway, I'm hoping for recommendations before I get started - especially

1. does anyone already have a static site generator written in couchdb open
sourced anywhere.
2. if you were building a static site generator using couchdb how would you
go about it - any libaries tools you would recommend?

As for what my current plan is (in case you can see some points to improve):

Couchdb would be used as the document store, the rest api would be used to
generate various static html files that would be saved into a logical
folder structure.

The client that builds etc. is in node.js (I've been thinking of learning
elixir [have played with erlang in the past] so if anyone can make a good
argument why that would be a good language to use for this go ahead)

Data has to be presented in multiple views - a front page view (showing
portions of new content sorted descending)
subsite views ( showing portions of new content chosen by particular
metadata sorted descending)
randomized views for particular collections (generated I suppose once per
ability to see works by author ( as there may be multiple authors involved)

The actual site will probably just be a very small express.js app that
takes routes and serves the static files, however because of the elixir
thing maybe should use phoenix for this.

anyway a typical blog but also something that should be adaptable enough to
work as mid-level typical media site.

Bryan Rasmussen

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