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From Ronan Jouchet <>
Subject Clarifications on CouchDB "index disabling" behavior on view errors/exceptions
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 19:43:37 GMT

The CouchDB Guide ( ) mentions 
> when a map function fails regularly (due to a missing required field
> or other JavaScript exception), CouchDB shuts off its indexing to
> prevent any further resource usage

But neither the official doc, nor my Google-fu could provide details:

1. Is this still true as of CouchDB 1.6.1 / 2.0alpha?

2. Which JS errors/exceptions cause a view to be "disabled", exactly?

2.a. In particular, just accessing a non-existent key of a `doc` object
      is not considered an error, right? It evaluates to `undefined`
      faithfully to vanilla JS behavior, correct? Said differently,
          `if (doc.species && doc.species === 'human')`
      is equivalent to:
          `if (doc.species === 'human')` , right?

3. How can I "re-enable" a "disabled" view?

Thanks :)


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