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From Klaus Trainer <>
Subject Re: Getting session cookie
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2015 15:49:58 GMT
Hi Jamie!

Checking CORS settings is always a good idea in such context ;)

Have you checked that the `credentials` configuration in the `cors`
section (see
is set to `true`?

Also note that you need to set the `withCredentials` property on the
XMLHttpRequest object to `true` as well.


On 10/06/2015 04:19 AM, Jamie Diprose wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to get the session data using the CouchDB jQuery API from a web
> application, but the variable is always null. The web
> application runs on a different port to CouchDB.
> Authentication with couchdb via Javascript is working fine; I'm using
> the CouchDB-XO_Auth
> plugin <>. Once the user is
> logged in via the CouchDB-XO_auth plugin, they show up as logged in when
> requesting the session:
> {"ok":true,"userCtx":{"name":"awesomeuser","roles":[]},"info":{"authentication_db":"_users","authentication_handlers":["oauth","cookie","default"],"authenticated":"cookie"}}
> But if I request the session from my web application I get the following
> data:
> {"ok":true,"userCtx":{"name":"null","roles":["_admin"]},"info":{"authentication_db":"_users","authentication_handlers":["oauth","cookie","default"],"authenticated":"default"}}
> Does anyone have any ideas what could be going wrong? E.g. some cors
> related settings that stops you from being able to grab the session cookie
> from another domain?
> Thanks for your help
> Jamie

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