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From Aliaksandr Barysiuk <>
Subject Re: touchdb+ektorp woes
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 12:42:58 GMT
I have never seen that couchdb returned results in other order than id,key,value. However IMHO
its a Ektorp issue. I 
tried to run QueryResultParser test with id,value,key sequence and it's failed.
I dont think that its very complicated to ignore the sequence. You could try to post issue/feature
to Ektorp's github 


On 05/12/12 14:56, svilen wrote:
> g'day
> not sure if this is the proper place to ask..
> i'm trying to use Touchdb on Android.
> It is using Ektorp, and there's some defect in the POJO object Mapping.
> i've debugged it (very hard).. Ektorp's QueryResultParser
> is expecting the properties of the result row (which is json object) to
> be ordered id,key,value; while Touchdb is putting them in another
> order (namely, value is before key). Hence the queryView( query,
> never succeeds.
> i'm not sure if the Ektorp's expectations are right (are attributes of
> a js object ordered), or what.
> anyone to suggest something?
> the original iOS touchdb is my next step, i hope it is better there.
> ciao
> svilen

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