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From "James R. Leek" <>
Subject Re: CouchDB doesn't work for me, not even 0.10
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 06:10:23 GMT
Ok, I finally got it running correctly on the cluster I wanted.  I had 
apparently installed the wrong version of some library (erlang maybe?).  
Even though I later installed the correct version, some links must've 
been left around, or some such.  After I completely cleaned everything 
out and rebuilt it worked.

BTW, I think there's a typo in the README.  It says:

Download and build the same version of spidermonkey the version of couch 
297 requires - at time of writing this is 1.8. Different versions will 
not 298 work (ie, at time of writing, 1.8.1 does not work with couch).

I'm pretty sure they mean version 1.7 of spidermonkey.  1.8 is still a 
release candidate, 1.8.1 doesn't even exist.  This really caused me some 


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