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From "Michael McCaffrey" <>
Subject Add query arguments to #httpd
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 20:45:30 GMT
You all helped me earlier in the week so here's another...

I want to call a view from an erlang function which I can get to work by
changing the path_parts on a #httpd such as this:

NewReq=Req#httpd{path_parts=[_DbName, _Design, DesignName, <<"_view">>,

couch_httpd_view:handle_view_req(NewReq, Db);

This works and returns all the docs from _view/myView.

Now, how do I go about adding a query argument such as ?key="someValue"
to the #httpd? I see where couch_httpd_view:handle_view_req has a
function for method="POST" that extracts a "keys" list but I'm not sure
how to set them within the httpd record. 

Erlang rookie here...


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